Amazing Features of the Apple iOS 10

From India to worldwide, apple fans are going crazy with new features of the Apple iOS 10. Apple has announced about new operating system and upgrade from iOS 10 from iOS 9. Which was announced in Apple Launch event which was featured on the 1st week of September, 2016. There are many good features about new iOS 10 has been listed buy here we are providing you some of the amazing features of iOS 10 which can be tested with new iPhone 7 now.

Amazing Features of the Apple iOS 10

These features are listed by many users on their on –hand review of iPhone 7, we are listing those features of iOS 10 here. Do check out the latest features of iOS 10 here of new Apple iPhone Operating system from Apple India.

Apple Mail

You must have used apple Mail in past too, but now iOS 10 has feature that it will provide fast unsubscribe option, unread only, quick action buttons on each mail. You can unsubscribe from mail list quickly, as each mail will have unsubscribe button on the top. Since, there are massive spamming are done nowadays, we must needed unsubscribe button. Also, now you can have unread mails only and you can swipe left on your iPhone to quick action like Flag, reply and trash mails.

Apple Maps

Siri (voice search engine) of the Apple iOS will now get even better. You can get find your car from car parking via apple maps, and you can now choose roads with “avoid toll” option form apple maps.  You can just speak “call me an uber from CP” and Siri will get you uber car which will drop you to CP, delhi.
Apple iOS

Apple 3D Touch

Apple has made better use of 3D touch in latest version of iOS 10. The new 3D touch will offer you to organize the Appl widget quickly and offer some options on preview mode. You can also prioritize your app installation at the time of restoring your device.  Just give long press on app,  and you can set the waiting time for the app to download.

The much needed option of hiding unwanted apps is also there in iOS 10. Just give a long press to app and you can choose option of hide or remove.

Apple Music

You will like and dislike new music section of Apple. Optimized storage option for better music and smart download option.  Users can now download later option while downloading music to optimize storage, and also can enjoy “automatic download” option at the time of downloading for smart downloading.

You can also have “For you” section in apple music which will suggest you your kind of music automatically.

Photos and Camera

Apple has removed camera mode option from iOS. You can now keep listening to music while clicking the pictures.
iOS 10 photos

While in photos section, now you can search photos like “cats” “pots” wise to automatically short pictures on the basis of version of the photos. Also, you can create “memories” to generate slideshows of the favorite pictures.

Apart from these features, there are many more up-gradation done on the iOS 10 like Quick timer option, calculator memory, camera shortcuts, music and home hidden buttons, iMesseges, and much more. Do visit us regular for more updates.


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