2 Things We Didn’t like about iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

After announcement of new iPhone by Apple INC, it was super awesome feeling and excitement to get new iPhone by week. But after checking the features and specification of iPhone 7 Plus, i found two disappointments with new iPhone. 

2 Things we didn’t like about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Yes, there are few things we didn’t liked about iPhone 7 Plus. Today, we are talking about those 2 things which apple should have improved since last version of iPhone. Do check out these 2 disappointments and do tell us are you agree with us or not.
disappointment with iPhone 7

From camera to battery performance to new processor. Apple has given totally new touch to iPhone 7 but when it comes to display screen of iPhone 7, we though to give 2nd try to iPhone 7. Though, apple has claimed that the Display screen of iPhone 7 is totally new and has more brightness than old iPhone. Well, that’s not true at all. Do check out our two disappointments with Apple iPhone 7 below.

True Tone Display Omitted in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

If you guys remember, last year when Apple introduced iPad pro, a 9.7 inch screen iPad that comes with true tone Display screen. The unique feature about true tone display is that, it automatically adjust the colour of screen (brightness/contrast/colour balance) as per the surroundings of the user. 

Like, if you are using iPad pro in garden with green surround, your iPad pro will give colour balance to your screen as per the atmosphere. That was brilliant innovation from Apple and we really liked it when we used it.

Same features we are expecting in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus but unfortunately, Apple has not included True Tone Display in iPhone 7 Plus.  That’s our 1st disappointment with iPhone 7.

Contrast Ratio Improvement is missing

If you can check the iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus specification (as we mentioned), the contrast ratio in iphone 7 is 1400:1, while in iphone 7 Plus, its 1300:1. Which means that Black colour in iPhone display will not have extra weight age. 

Though, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has new DCI-P3 colour gamut which will give more brightness to sRGB colour but still we are expecting a better contrast ratio in new iPhone which can make black colour more deeper.

But not to disappoint here, because as per the rumors, Apple is bringing OLED display screens in next iPhone and will have more balanced contrast ratio in smartphones. 

But if we omit these two disappoints (as Apple missed it), overall its a good deal and much advance iPhone apple has given. One should look for better camera performance and batter performance that apple is offering. 

Also, the A10 chip which is the fastest chipset by Apple and promised to give more good performance to iPhone user. For more updates on Apple iPhone 7 Price in India, keep visiting us.


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