Top 5 Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 2016 - Buying Guide

Advertisement - Looking for buying guide for iPhone 7? Don’t worry, here we have found some of the good reason for which it’s good to spend $700 for new iPhone. Here we bring you best and unique reasons to Buy iPhone 7. 

Top 5 Reason to Buy iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

As after Launch of Apple iPhone 7, people have started comparing it with old iPhone. Even we have posted comparison between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. But after comparing, we found that iPhone 7 is best Smartphone as of now, from features to price to everything. Do check out Top 5 Reason to Buy iPhone 7 2016.

Buy iPhone 7
After checking new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and old iPhone 6S, here is 5 reason which we believe can be good enough to upgrade new iPhone.

Better Camera

While checking the specification and features of iPhone 7, we found that the camera of iPhone 7 is too good, much better than last iPhone 6S. Though, both have same 12MP camera on rear but the resolution and the performance of both camera is totally different. You can check the on hand review of iPhone 7 which will give you snapshots clicked with iPhone 7.

Also, the front side camera with LED flash will be enough to get good selfies from iPhone 7. When it comes to HD recording, you need to give +1 to iPhone 7. As iPhone 7 allows you to shoot full HD Recording, while iPhone 6S had max 720P of recording.

Also, the new camera gives you 50% more bright pictures as promised by Apple.

Extra Battery Size

As you can see, Apple has reduced the space of headphone jack by introducing 3.5MM jack which will give 14% extra space for battery. So, you can expect more than 1955 mAh size of battery from iPhone 7 which will enough to get good clicks and good gaming experience.

And officially, apple has mentioned that the battery performance of the apple iPhone 7 is to be improved. So, to get extra battery is good deal with new iPhone.

Extra Battery life gives you everything extra, from gaming to voice call, more surfing, more pictures, and etc. Its almost like extra life.

IP67 water resistance

The new iPhone 7 is water resistance, water proof smartphone. Though, we had seen this features in many other smartphones in past but in iPhone, this is for the first time. But that doesn’t allow you to take underwater clicks in sea diving. 

No, you can’t use it in salt water but you can defiantly not worry in case you drop your iPhone in water bowl. Or while having dinner/lunch, you don’t need to worry about the water drops on iPhone. Now, your iPhone is water proof, you can have more rough usage.

As per the apple, you can use new iPhone 7 in 1 meter water for 30 minutes. And that also gives your iPhone protection from dust too.

Extra Memory Options in iPhone

As you know, at the launch event of apple iPhone 7, apple has announced new storage options for Apple iPhone 7. Now iPhone is available till 256 GB size option too. The minimum size option of iPhone is 32GB which is almost double than last version of iPhone.

Also, apple is giving 32GB version iPhone is same price of iPhone 6S. No extra cost and goo extra space. Which is what we needed, right?. Since now, extra apps, pictures and songs are increased and we need more storage to use smartphones at higher speed.

Apple has taken care of everything, we loved it.

Increased RAM Memory

Yes, as per the Geekbench (Bench-marking software company) who tested the new iPhone has recorded that iPhone 7 plus has 3GB Ram. Yes, apple is giving extra RAM on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus version to give you better user experience.

3GB ram is nothing more but 50% extra than iPhone 6S. This is good deal by Apple. 

These are the Top 5 reasons we though, is enough to buy new iPhone. Are you ready get iPhone 7 on your hand? Do check out below links now.

Where to Buy Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

To buy new Apple iPhone, you need to visit the online portals like Amazon india, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm where you can buy new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Do check out below links where you can get extra discounts on buying new iPhone 7.

  • Amazon :- Click here to check price of iPhone 7.
  • Flipkart :- click here to check price of iPhone 7 on Flipkart.
  • Snapdeal :- click here, Snapdeal giving 5% extra discount on iPhone 7


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