Apple iWatch Series 2 Price In India 2016

Apple has also launched new iWatch along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. This iWatch is called iWatch Series 2 (which is upgraded model of the earlier iWatch). Now the new iwatch has more good features and great price too. Today we are giving you brief intro of iWatch Series 2 Price in india and features of iWatch. Do check out below mentioned price and features of all new Apple iWatch Series 2.

Apple iWatch Series 2 Price in India

In india, if you want to buy new Apple iWatch Series 2, you need to wait till 7th October, 2016. Yes, Apple iWatch 2 will also be released along with iPhone 7 in india. The price of the iWatch in india will be around Rs.30,000/-. But the features apple has added to iWatch, its worth to pay 30k for new digital watch. Do check out below mentioned features of the new Apple iWatch Series 2 watch.

Features of the Apple iWatch Series 2

iWatch Series 2 Price in India
For ultimate healthy life, you must choose this iWatch, it has awesome health features that will enhance your health easily. You can wear this iWatch while in gym, jogging, exercises, yoga or even at swimming. Dual core processor, inbuilt GPS and water resistance are some of the awesome features you can have in iWatch series 2.

You can check the speed, peace, distance covered by yourself while doing exercise. Walking, running, cycling or swimming can be counted using built in GPS of iWatch. You can also use it while doing swimming as this iWatch can work under 50 meter water while swimming.

Also, it has more brightness on the display so you cannot get difficulty while checking out iWatch at the time of exercise. Its easiest and active way to stay healthy and motivated. You can be more punctual and get desire results within times.

List of iWatch Series 2 Features

  • Built in GPS
  • Heart Rate sensor
  • Comprehensive Workout App
  • Water Resistant to 50 Metres
  • Breathe App
  • Third-Party Health Apps
  • Health App on iPhone
  • Apps and Notifications on Screen
  • Customisable Watch Faces
  • App Dock
  • Ask more to Siri (Siri Support)
Also, you can order new iwatch in nike + version and HERMES brand too. Apple has tie up with both brands which will provide you different version of iWatch with Same features.

watchOS 3

Apart from features, apple has installed new Operating system on iWatch series 2. You can now have better display, performance, capabilities and better design of iWatch. The new OS, watchOS 3 has facility to display notification, different apps, app dock and many more things on iWatch screen.
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