Apple iPhone 8 Leaks - Features, Specification and Price

Just after the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, rumors about iPhone 8 has been started. AS per the sources, apple will very soon announce the iPhone 8 (which sounds very fake), as apple wants to create breakthrough in technology and innovation in the 10th anniversary of the apple iPhone. 

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks - Features, Specification and Price

Below we have mentioned some of the specification new features you can get in iPhone 8. But the release of the new iPhone will be in late 2017, not less than early for sure. As  we all know, early release of the iPhone 8 can make impact on the sale of iPhone 7 Plus and may damage branding trust of Apple.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaked features

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks
As per the rumors, the iPhone 8 will basically fix the broken features of iPhone 7. Apart from that apple may introduce some stunning features like Earpods in iPhone 8 too. Wireless charging is on the top of the list.

Apart from wireless charging, apple may still improve the camera specification, as in the apple iPhone 7 launch event, Tim cook has specifically mentioned that we love DLSR camera too, they are going to target the camera again. As per user centric view, camera is the feature which attracts the most to the buyer. An reason, many expert has said that iPhone 7 plus has good camera, not the best. Apple would like to improve it and they will fix this feature in iPhone 8.

Battery performance is still issue with the iPhone. There are many users who want to get improved battery performance in new iPhone. Though, apple had improved the battery performance very well, but it might improve even more. With high apps usage and increasing craze of selfies, the battery iPhone has given is not compatible. User may get more good news in iPhone 8.

After removing the 3.5mm Jack from iPhone, now apple has more space in the new iphone to increase the fixed battery size and May even future improve the battery size.

Size of the memory will be improved. After cutting the 8 GB and 16GB phone and introducing the 256 GB phones, apple may introduce even higher memory specification phones as many user still complaining the low memory issue.

Price of iPhone 8

Tim cooking and his team are looking for more options for developments. Also, they are looking forward to reduce the price of the iPhone 8 as lower as possible(Compared to price of iPhone 7). We will be updating new developments on iPhone 8 here, keep visiting us.


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