Apple Will Continue Selling Iphone 5S, iphone 6S In India

After amazing announcement of new iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus by Apple CEO Tim cook, everyone from india was looking for price of old iphone. As a tradition, it has been said that after launch of new iphone, company use to discontinue sale of old iphone in india and outside of india. But not in case with Apple iphone 7. As per the report and announcement of Apple india, it is clear that iphone 5s, iphone 6, Iphone 6S and  other old iphone will continue to sell online and will be at same price.

USA model of Retail is Not possible In india

Old iphone to continue selling india
In USA, apple has contract base supply chain with cellular company. So, after launch of any new product from apple, apple can easily discontinue old apple product and only supply new apple product. But in india, its different story. In india, retail sellers keep stocks of old products and even after launch of the new product, they need to clear old stock first. So, it is possible that all old iphone and other product stock from around the world will be moved to india. As still, iphone 5S has good demand in india.

No Price reduce of Old iphone

Breakking the tradition, apple is in no mood to reduce the price. Though, its too early to say right now, as the official launch of apple iphone 7  is on 7th October, 2016. We need to see, if apple really reduce the price or not. Iphone 5S which is right now sold at rs.22,000 in Indian market has good grip in smartphone market.  But the problem with iphone 5S is that its too old, was launched in 2013 and after that there is very low price android phones are available in market with greater specification.

But if you look at the iphone 6s and iphone SE, they are still good enough and updated iphone with all great specification and can easily beat any good android smarphone. And the reason, apple has decided not to continue the old iphone and apple product in india.

Iphone 16 GB version to be in demand

If you can notice the big thing in apple iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus specification is that there is no 16 GB version available. Only 32GB and onwards option is available. While32Gb+ models are expected to have high price, it is possible that iphone 6S 16Gb version will have huge demand in india as price still a big factor in india. The price of iphone 7 Plus is expected to be between 60k around in india. And iphone 6s still sold at rs.55k , it means people who are looking for 16GB version are still going to have iphone 6s.

If price reduced....

But if apple keep following the tradition and reduce the price of iphone 6S and other old iphone, it can be good deal for customers. As mentioned above, iphone 5S still gets good selling in india, even after its 3 year old. So, if apple reduce the price of iphone 6S, it will be good deal for both, as it will help apple to sold out the old stock at good price.

Apple iphone 7 Release date in india

As mentioned above, the release date of iphone 7 plus in india is 7th October, 2016. You can keep visiting for more updates on apple iphone 7.


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