Apple to sell iPhone 7 on Flipkart in India

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Ahead of the official launch of the two new smart phones from Apple, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in india, Apple has tie up with biggest online portal Flipkart in india to sell new iPhone 7 in India. Apple will sell inventory directly from flipkart in india. So, they can have better control over price of iphones in india. Though, you can also buy new iphones from Amazon and snapdeal too.

Apple to sell iPhone 7 on Flipkart in India

The reason apple has tie up with Flipkart ahead of launch is that apple does not have license to sell iphones directly in india, neither they are interested in getting one. In USA, people directly buy iPhones from Apple website. Apple does not need distributor or sellers, but they can sell it directly. 

Apple to sell iPhone 7
But in india, they have distributor network, and apple sells iPhone via authorised dealers. But problem with this style of selling is that price cannot be stable.  But after partnering with Flipkart, buyers can expect good discounts from flipkart which will also help flipkart to kill competition with amazon and paytm.

Flipkart has announced that they will start supplying new iPhones from 7th October evening. Customers will start receiving new iPhones from 7th October onwards only. Apart from iPhone, Flipkart will sell iPads and other earpods like accessories too which they will sell on discount price.

Apart from Flipkart, apple has tie up with Infibeam, which is leading online portal of india. All the portals of india has started taking pre-orders for flipkart. As apple is going to launch Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 7th October, 2016.

Apple has taken many loss after not partnering with any portal. Because of that base iphone 6S model which was priced at Rs.63,000 by apple,was sold by online portals at Rs.45,000/-. To restrict the discounts, apple has now given single inventory window in india.

The new iPhone 7 will be released on 7th October, 2016. The starting price of iPhone 7 starts at Rs.60,000/- while iPhone 7 Plus price starts at Rs.72,000/-. For  more updates, on the apple india, keep visiting us.

iPhone 7 Camera Review – iPhone 7 Plus Sample Photos India

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Apple has promised that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has totally new camera. And when the sample photos came, we are shocked too. The result of the new camera of iPhone 7 is too awesome. At the launch party of the iPhone 7, Tim cook (CEO of apple) has said that ‘we love DLSR cameras too, we don’t want to kill them”. Totally the comparison of the new camera of iPhone 7 is with DLSR camera. And its totally debatable.  Do check out and download sample photos of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Camera Review – iPhone 7 Plus Sample Photos India

But when we compared the specification of the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7, both have same specification camera. But upon the testing of the new camera, we found that new iPhone 7 has totally revamped cameras. Do check out the sample pictures of the iPhone 7.

Download Apple’s Official iPhone 7 Sample Pictures

iPhone 7 Sample Pictures

iPhone 7 Sample Pictures

iPhone 7 Sample Pictures

iPhone 7 Sample Pictures
Looks amazing right? Well, atlest we found it amazing. The new iPhone 7 camera are too good and has totally new resolution, more bright and more clear. Do check out the sample pictures of the iPhone 7, clicked by user.

As you know, iPhone 7 has 12 megapixel of new camera which supports f/1.8 aperture. So, you can easily click best shots of surroundings and even get low light pictures too. The new rear camera of iPhone 7 has optical image stabilization, Quad LED True Tone flash. Apple has guaranteed for brighter and sharper pics this time with iPhone 7.

While if you check the camera review of iPhone 7 Plus, its totally different story. iPhone 7 Plus has two different 12MP camera on rear. Both have different purpose. One is for to click wide shots while another one is for the normal clicks. 

At the time of iPhone 7 launch, apple has announced new camera phone and also submitted many sample photos and as usual all of them looks stunning. If you don’t have DLSR camera, you don’t need either if you have iPhone 7 for sure.

On the front side, iPhone 7 has 8MP camera for perfect selfie clicks. In short, the camera performance of the new iPhone 7 is quite amazing and worth to buy one. You can check the new iPhone 7 in Indian market from 7th October, 2016 onwards. You can visit us for discount price of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Price in India

You can check the latest price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India here. iPhone 6 series phone price is also posted. For more updates on the iPhone 7, keep visiting us.

[Latest] iPhone 6 Price in India 2016 -

By // No comments: – Are you looking for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus price in India? In September 2016, Apple has launched two new iPhones. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, with many great features and specification. 

[Latest] iPhone 6 Price in India 2016 -

But as per the tradition, after launch of the new iPhone people in India look for the earlier iPhone price, as the old iPhone gets price reduction after launch of the new iPhone. This time too, Apple has reduced the price of iPhone 6 Series phones. Below are latest updates on iPhone 6 Price in India. Do check out the price of all the version of iPhone 6, including iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.

iPhone 6 Price in India

 iPhone 6 Price in India
In the iPhone 6 series phone, there are 3 different models, based on the features and specification; apple had announced 3 different models of the iPhone 6. You can check out the price of all the models of iPhone 6 series, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus price in India.
  • Apple iPhone 6 (Silver, 16GB) :- Rs.38,449/-
  • Apple iPhone 6 (Gold, 16GB) :- Rs.46,999/-
  • Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 64GB) :- Rs. 43,999/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s (Space Grey, 64GB) :- Rs.54,780/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s (Rose Gold, 16GB) :- Rs. 46,999/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s (Gold, 128GB) :- Rs.63,735/-
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Space Grey, 16GB) :- Rs.40,120/-
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Space Grey, 64GB) :- Rs.50, 879/-
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Gold, 128GB) :- Rs.57,999/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Silver, 16GB) :- Rs.50,779/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Gold, 16GB) :- Rs.56,316/-
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Gold, 64GB) :- Rs.68,000/-
Note :- This price was last updated on 20th September, 2016. For latest price updates on iPhone 6, keep visiting us.

Features and Price Similarities between iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7
Though, iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10 while iPhone 6S plus has old ioS 9. But there are other many similarities in both model of iPhone. We have posted details comparison of iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7. You can check their, apart from iOS and few other features, both phone has same camera, battery performance and price too. While there is huge difference between iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7 Plus. 

You can check the iPhone 7 Plus Specification if you want to buy latest iPhone will all features. iPhone 7 will be available in india from 7th October, 2016  onwards. We have posted the price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus too.

iPhone 6 Price to Decrease More

After initial launch of the iPhone 7 in Indian market, price of the old iPhones like iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 series will be reduced even more. Since in Indian market, there is huge demand of all the iphones, even in the re-seller market, iPhone is still hot favorite. 

So, there is chance that apple will reduce the price rate of the iPhone 6 series and iPhone 5 series phone even more. You can keep checking the latest price of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S on this site. For more updates, keep visiting us.

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Apple iWatch Series 2 Price In India 2016

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Apple has also launched new iWatch along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. This iWatch is called iWatch Series 2 (which is upgraded model of the earlier iWatch). Now the new iwatch has more good features and great price too. Today we are giving you brief intro of iWatch Series 2 Price in india and features of iWatch. Do check out below mentioned price and features of all new Apple iWatch Series 2.

Apple iWatch Series 2 Price in India

In india, if you want to buy new Apple iWatch Series 2, you need to wait till 7th October, 2016. Yes, Apple iWatch 2 will also be released along with iPhone 7 in india. The price of the iWatch in india will be around Rs.30,000/-. But the features apple has added to iWatch, its worth to pay 30k for new digital watch. Do check out below mentioned features of the new Apple iWatch Series 2 watch.

Features of the Apple iWatch Series 2

iWatch Series 2 Price in India
For ultimate healthy life, you must choose this iWatch, it has awesome health features that will enhance your health easily. You can wear this iWatch while in gym, jogging, exercises, yoga or even at swimming. Dual core processor, inbuilt GPS and water resistance are some of the awesome features you can have in iWatch series 2.

You can check the speed, peace, distance covered by yourself while doing exercise. Walking, running, cycling or swimming can be counted using built in GPS of iWatch. You can also use it while doing swimming as this iWatch can work under 50 meter water while swimming.

Also, it has more brightness on the display so you cannot get difficulty while checking out iWatch at the time of exercise. Its easiest and active way to stay healthy and motivated. You can be more punctual and get desire results within times.

List of iWatch Series 2 Features

  • Built in GPS
  • Heart Rate sensor
  • Comprehensive Workout App
  • Water Resistant to 50 Metres
  • Breathe App
  • Third-Party Health Apps
  • Health App on iPhone
  • Apps and Notifications on Screen
  • Customisable Watch Faces
  • App Dock
  • Ask more to Siri (Siri Support)
Also, you can order new iwatch in nike + version and HERMES brand too. Apple has tie up with both brands which will provide you different version of iWatch with Same features.

watchOS 3

Apart from features, apple has installed new Operating system on iWatch series 2. You can now have better display, performance, capabilities and better design of iWatch. The new OS, watchOS 3 has facility to display notification, different apps, app dock and many more things on iWatch screen.
Click here to buy new iWatch Series 2 Now.

Latest iPhone Exchange Offers 2016

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If you are looking for upgrading your Smartphone with new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, you can check out some of the amazing iPhone exchange offers which can give you good price for your old iPhone. You can even upgrade to the old iPhone series phones like iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6S plus and many more. 

There are some online portals which are giving some good deals for your old phone with exchange of new iPhone. Do check out below mentioned some good exchange offers, do check out and enjoy new iPhone now.

Latest iPhone Exchange Offers 2016

Below are some of the latest iPhone Exchange Offers available in India, which you can avail now; But before that, we suggest you to check out the iPhone  7 and iPhone 7 plus Price in India.

1. Amazon India

With tie up with amazon india is providing exchange offers on all smartphones. You can get buy back offers of up to Rs.40,000 (dependent on the handset condition). Just follow below mentioned steps to get money back cum buy back offer from Amazon india for old iPhone.

iPhone Exchange Offers

  • Go to amazon india page.
  • Search for iphone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (you can even search for other smartphone as well)
  • Buy iPhone 7, take note of your ORDER ID
  • Click on the “money back” link
  • Accept the terms and condition
  • Enter the details of the old smartphone and order id of amazon phone purchase
  • Check out the price suggested, if it agrees to you, you can proceed for the deal.

After accepting the deal, amazon will drop you new iPhone and pick up old smartphone from your home address

2. Flipkart

Flipkart has similar offer too but they are offering old smarphone exchange with them self. You need to follow below mentioned steps to get buy back cum iPhone exchange offer from flipkart.

iPhone Exchange Offers

⦁    Go to flipkart website
⦁    Search for iPhone 7 or iPhone7 Plus
⦁    Enter your Pin code number where you want to receive new iPhone
⦁    Click on “buy with exchange” link
⦁    Enter your old smartphone details
⦁    You will get instant discount before buying new iPhone
⦁    When you receive new iPhone, you need to return your old smartphone.

3. Snapdeal

As of now snapdeal has no exchange offer on new iPhone,we will update here if the have any. You can keep visiting this page for more updates .

4. Paytm

Paytm too offers up to Rs.8000 of exchange offers on old smartphone, you can click on the offer page of the Paytm, where paytm drops new offers, check for iPhone exchange offer, and you can go for it.

You can also buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (or any other iPhone series phone) on EMI mode too. If you have credit card, you can buy new iPhone on 3,6,9,12,24 months of installation too. No need to pay any down payment, just swap your credit card and pay Price for iPhone in easy installments. If you have liked any of the above mentioned deal, you can get it now. For more updates on the new iPhone 7 and other Apple related information, keep visiting us.

Amazing Features of the Apple iOS 10

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From India to worldwide, apple fans are going crazy with new features of the Apple iOS 10. Apple has announced about new operating system and upgrade from iOS 10 from iOS 9. Which was announced in Apple Launch event which was featured on the 1st week of September, 2016. There are many good features about new iOS 10 has been listed buy here we are providing you some of the amazing features of iOS 10 which can be tested with new iPhone 7 now.

Amazing Features of the Apple iOS 10

These features are listed by many users on their on –hand review of iPhone 7, we are listing those features of iOS 10 here. Do check out the latest features of iOS 10 here of new Apple iPhone Operating system from Apple India.

Apple Mail

You must have used apple Mail in past too, but now iOS 10 has feature that it will provide fast unsubscribe option, unread only, quick action buttons on each mail. You can unsubscribe from mail list quickly, as each mail will have unsubscribe button on the top. Since, there are massive spamming are done nowadays, we must needed unsubscribe button. Also, now you can have unread mails only and you can swipe left on your iPhone to quick action like Flag, reply and trash mails.

Apple Maps

Siri (voice search engine) of the Apple iOS will now get even better. You can get find your car from car parking via apple maps, and you can now choose roads with “avoid toll” option form apple maps.  You can just speak “call me an uber from CP” and Siri will get you uber car which will drop you to CP, delhi.
Apple iOS

Apple 3D Touch

Apple has made better use of 3D touch in latest version of iOS 10. The new 3D touch will offer you to organize the Appl widget quickly and offer some options on preview mode. You can also prioritize your app installation at the time of restoring your device.  Just give long press on app,  and you can set the waiting time for the app to download.

The much needed option of hiding unwanted apps is also there in iOS 10. Just give a long press to app and you can choose option of hide or remove.

Apple Music

You will like and dislike new music section of Apple. Optimized storage option for better music and smart download option.  Users can now download later option while downloading music to optimize storage, and also can enjoy “automatic download” option at the time of downloading for smart downloading.

You can also have “For you” section in apple music which will suggest you your kind of music automatically.

Photos and Camera

Apple has removed camera mode option from iOS. You can now keep listening to music while clicking the pictures.
iOS 10 photos

While in photos section, now you can search photos like “cats” “pots” wise to automatically short pictures on the basis of version of the photos. Also, you can create “memories” to generate slideshows of the favorite pictures.

Apart from these features, there are many more up-gradation done on the iOS 10 like Quick timer option, calculator memory, camera shortcuts, music and home hidden buttons, iMesseges, and much more. Do visit us regular for more updates.

Pre-order new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Online in India

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Are you eagerly waiting for the new iPhone 7? Here is list of ways you can pre-order new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus from below mentioned portals. After official launch of the new iPhone 7, people in India is waiting very eagerly for the new iPhone 7 to buy. But as we mentioned, the official release date of iPhone 7 in India is 7th October, 2016. 

 But what to do to get earliest way to get new iPhone 7.

Well, it’s better to pre-book new iphone 7, so when it is released, you will get it first. As the distribution will be done as first come first serve basis, so we are suggesting the people who are looking for buying new iphone, should pre-order now.

Official iWorld Stores

Pre-order new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
At the official iWorld stores, you can pre-order new iphone. As per our information, all the iWorld store has started pre-order booking of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. At rs.5000, you can pre-order the new iphone and at the release date, you will get brand new iPhone 7 and you will need to pay rest of the price later on.

The price of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is not yet announced in india, the approx price of the iPhone 7 32GB will be Rs.60k. But the exact price will be known at 7th October, 2016. We will update you with the new price very soon.


Unicorn is also premium partner of apple products in india, any they also accepting pre-orders of the new iphone 7  plus.

TATA Chroma and Reliance Digital

Two big retail brands of the india for smartphones has started pre-order of the new iphone 7 plus. If you are also looking for iWatch Series 2 and wireless earbirds can also be available to buy online.

Beetel Teletech Ltd

One of the official distributor partner of the Apple India, has mentioned that they will start delivery of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus by 7 PM on the 7th October, 2016. They are not yet started the pre-order of the new iphone. iWorld to start selling new iPhone 7 by 12AM 7th October, 2016.

Rashi Peripherals

They are not accepting the new iphone pre-order but will start selling new iPhone 7 by 7th October, 2016 early morning.

Amazon – Flipkart – Snapdeal

All the major online portals to start taking bookings of the new smartphone from 2 days earlier of the 7th October, 2016. And the distribution will start from 7th October, 2016 onwards. So, online pre-order booking of new iPhone 7 is not yet started in india.

We at will update you all the links with the discount rates for new iphone 7 soon. Keep visiting us.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Release Date in India

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Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release date is announced for India. No need to wait more. Here is release date of both the smartphones. If you are waiting for new iPhone, here is good news for you. 

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Release Date in India

As per the latest news, Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus is coming to India in October, 2016. As you know on the 7th September, 2016 Apple has launched new iPhone in USA and we all are waiting for the new iPhone to be released in India too.

Traditional Release Style of Apple

iPhone 7 Plus
As you can recall the traditional style of the Apple iPhone release, where Apple’s iPhone used to came very late in India. Almost after 5-6 months. And due to that the unethical way to get iPhone was on boom in India. People have started unlocking old iPhone to use it in India. So, till last year, we used to get very late new iPhone.

When will the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will be released in India?

As per the official news coming from the Apple, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in India by 7th October, 2016. Yes and the price of the new iPhone will be also announced on 7th October only. So, just within one month of the launch, we Indians are getting new iPhone. All major online portals to start selling iPhone 7 from 7th October, 2016. will post all the possible way to buy new iPhone 7 at discount price. If you are also looking for the new iPhone 7, you are advised to keep visiting us.

Why releasing so urgent in India?

So, what all sudden happen that apple has started launching apple products more early than earlier? Well, when last year apple CEO Tim cook has visited India, he was surprised with the demand and craze for iPhone in India. And the reason, they started selling iPhone as early as possible to grab more market share of smartphones.

Where to buy new iPhone 7?

Well, as mentioned above, since its high demand Product, the new iPhone will be available on all major portals like Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm too. We are also going to post all the buy now iphone 7 links where you will get extra discount, so if you are going to buy new iPhone, keep visiting us. 

After release of new iPhone 7 in india, will release the new links for buying purpose.  

Meanwhile, you can check the price, specification of the IPhone 7, unique features of the iPhone, Top 5 Reason to Buy new iPhone 7 2016. For more updates, keep visiting us.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 2016 - Buying Guide

By // No comments: - Looking for buying guide for iPhone 7? Don’t worry, here we have found some of the good reason for which it’s good to spend $700 for new iPhone. Here we bring you best and unique reasons to Buy iPhone 7. 

Top 5 Reason to Buy iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

As after Launch of Apple iPhone 7, people have started comparing it with old iPhone. Even we have posted comparison between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. But after comparing, we found that iPhone 7 is best Smartphone as of now, from features to price to everything. Do check out Top 5 Reason to Buy iPhone 7 2016.

Buy iPhone 7
After checking new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and old iPhone 6S, here is 5 reason which we believe can be good enough to upgrade new iPhone.

Better Camera

While checking the specification and features of iPhone 7, we found that the camera of iPhone 7 is too good, much better than last iPhone 6S. Though, both have same 12MP camera on rear but the resolution and the performance of both camera is totally different. You can check the on hand review of iPhone 7 which will give you snapshots clicked with iPhone 7.

Also, the front side camera with LED flash will be enough to get good selfies from iPhone 7. When it comes to HD recording, you need to give +1 to iPhone 7. As iPhone 7 allows you to shoot full HD Recording, while iPhone 6S had max 720P of recording.

Also, the new camera gives you 50% more bright pictures as promised by Apple.

Extra Battery Size

As you can see, Apple has reduced the space of headphone jack by introducing 3.5MM jack which will give 14% extra space for battery. So, you can expect more than 1955 mAh size of battery from iPhone 7 which will enough to get good clicks and good gaming experience.

And officially, apple has mentioned that the battery performance of the apple iPhone 7 is to be improved. So, to get extra battery is good deal with new iPhone.

Extra Battery life gives you everything extra, from gaming to voice call, more surfing, more pictures, and etc. Its almost like extra life.

IP67 water resistance

The new iPhone 7 is water resistance, water proof smartphone. Though, we had seen this features in many other smartphones in past but in iPhone, this is for the first time. But that doesn’t allow you to take underwater clicks in sea diving. 

No, you can’t use it in salt water but you can defiantly not worry in case you drop your iPhone in water bowl. Or while having dinner/lunch, you don’t need to worry about the water drops on iPhone. Now, your iPhone is water proof, you can have more rough usage.

As per the apple, you can use new iPhone 7 in 1 meter water for 30 minutes. And that also gives your iPhone protection from dust too.

Extra Memory Options in iPhone

As you know, at the launch event of apple iPhone 7, apple has announced new storage options for Apple iPhone 7. Now iPhone is available till 256 GB size option too. The minimum size option of iPhone is 32GB which is almost double than last version of iPhone.

Also, apple is giving 32GB version iPhone is same price of iPhone 6S. No extra cost and goo extra space. Which is what we needed, right?. Since now, extra apps, pictures and songs are increased and we need more storage to use smartphones at higher speed.

Apple has taken care of everything, we loved it.

Increased RAM Memory

Yes, as per the Geekbench (Bench-marking software company) who tested the new iPhone has recorded that iPhone 7 plus has 3GB Ram. Yes, apple is giving extra RAM on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus version to give you better user experience.

3GB ram is nothing more but 50% extra than iPhone 6S. This is good deal by Apple. 

These are the Top 5 reasons we though, is enough to buy new iPhone. Are you ready get iPhone 7 on your hand? Do check out below links now.

Where to Buy Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

To buy new Apple iPhone, you need to visit the online portals like Amazon india, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm where you can buy new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Do check out below links where you can get extra discounts on buying new iPhone 7.

  • Amazon :- Click here to check price of iPhone 7.
  • Flipkart :- click here to check price of iPhone 7 on Flipkart.
  • Snapdeal :- click here, Snapdeal giving 5% extra discount on iPhone 7

2 Things We Didn’t like about iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

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After announcement of new iPhone by Apple INC, it was super awesome feeling and excitement to get new iPhone by week. But after checking the features and specification of iPhone 7 Plus, i found two disappointments with new iPhone. 

2 Things we didn’t like about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Yes, there are few things we didn’t liked about iPhone 7 Plus. Today, we are talking about those 2 things which apple should have improved since last version of iPhone. Do check out these 2 disappointments and do tell us are you agree with us or not.
disappointment with iPhone 7

From camera to battery performance to new processor. Apple has given totally new touch to iPhone 7 but when it comes to display screen of iPhone 7, we though to give 2nd try to iPhone 7. Though, apple has claimed that the Display screen of iPhone 7 is totally new and has more brightness than old iPhone. Well, that’s not true at all. Do check out our two disappointments with Apple iPhone 7 below.

True Tone Display Omitted in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

If you guys remember, last year when Apple introduced iPad pro, a 9.7 inch screen iPad that comes with true tone Display screen. The unique feature about true tone display is that, it automatically adjust the colour of screen (brightness/contrast/colour balance) as per the surroundings of the user. 

Like, if you are using iPad pro in garden with green surround, your iPad pro will give colour balance to your screen as per the atmosphere. That was brilliant innovation from Apple and we really liked it when we used it.

Same features we are expecting in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus but unfortunately, Apple has not included True Tone Display in iPhone 7 Plus.  That’s our 1st disappointment with iPhone 7.

Contrast Ratio Improvement is missing

If you can check the iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus specification (as we mentioned), the contrast ratio in iphone 7 is 1400:1, while in iphone 7 Plus, its 1300:1. Which means that Black colour in iPhone display will not have extra weight age. 

Though, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has new DCI-P3 colour gamut which will give more brightness to sRGB colour but still we are expecting a better contrast ratio in new iPhone which can make black colour more deeper.

But not to disappoint here, because as per the rumors, Apple is bringing OLED display screens in next iPhone and will have more balanced contrast ratio in smartphones. 

But if we omit these two disappoints (as Apple missed it), overall its a good deal and much advance iPhone apple has given. One should look for better camera performance and batter performance that apple is offering. 

Also, the A10 chip which is the fastest chipset by Apple and promised to give more good performance to iPhone user. For more updates on Apple iPhone 7 Price in India, keep visiting us.
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